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hidronav MARINE

SONAR, RADAR, Satellite Communications and Navigation systems. 

At a glance


Satellite Communications

We work closely with a range or service providers to offer our customers the best options in the market.


SONAR, RADAR, Navigation systems and Fishing Technology

We represent the major marine technological companies in the world to provide our clients with solutions that fit their needs.


Underwater Acoustics

We are experts in Underwater Acoustics. We also develop custom electronics in Ultrasound and ship on-board communication solutions.

About Hidronav MARINE

Founded on 1994, we have provided technical service all around the world; Namibia, South Africa, Mauritius, Iceland and Argentina among others. We are specialists in Underwater acoustics, navigation systems and Satellite communications. 

We have clients from Spain, France, Russia, Ireland, Lithuania, Germany, Portugal UK and other countries.

Our Services

  1. Electronic Equipment - we have distribution agreements with the top marine electronic brands.
  2. On-board Installations - we undertake upgrades and full bridge installations, in Spain and overseas.
  3. On-board Reparis - Our technitians have given technical support around the world, we are where our clients need us. 
  4. Expert Technical Service - We repair marine electronics for end-users and for other marine electronics companies.
  5. Satellite Communications - We are especialist on satellite communications. We have a close relation with the main satellite service providers to be able to offer the best deal to our customers. 
  6. Navigation Software - We have a long experience with especialized software such as SODENA range, Maxsea and cartography products.
  7. Authorised Custom Agent - We provide Custom Services to give our costumers a full set of solutions to their needs.
  8. Battery Manufacturing - High performande compatible batteries for underwater sensors
  9. Fishing Nets - We deal with a range of international companies to provide our clients with full industrial fishing nets and winches.
  10. Custom Solutions - We have the expertise to develop Custom Software and Hardware systems to meet our clients needs.
  11. Reburbished Equipment - We have a stock of used marine equipment. Do ask us about the available equipment.

Satellite Communications

We provide the best deals in the market. We have a wide range of services so you will find the perfect product for your needs


Underwater Acoustics

Hidronav Technologies forged its reputation as a leader in its sector as underwater acoustics experts. Apart for providing, installing, sea testing campaigns and maintenance, we provide technical service for our end-user costumers as well as other marine electronic dealers.

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Calle Romil n.7 Bajo 
Vigo, Spain. 36202


Phone: +34 986 49 39 37
Fax: +34 986 37 13 36
GPS: 42.233768, -8.729296


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